customer reviews

  • Thank you Cathi! You have been very helpful and have relieved my fears! I will let my friends and family know that Oak Ridge Flooring has wonderful customer relations.

    Chris emailed us on 8/2/2013

  • I am so impressed with your website. Since we aren't 'computer people', navigating the site was the easiest thing to do. I'm glad I found you! I had phoned the business today with intentions of making an order & giving huge compliments.

    D.Randolp purchased Tile on 03/21/2009

  • We appreciate the service Oak Ridge Flooring provides and will highly recommend.

    kathy emailed us on 9/10/2013

  • I am doing an entire house renovation. I've had so many problems with vendors but when I delt with Oak Ridge Flooring, I was blown away by their courtesy, professionalism, their prices, and their efficiency. Way to go!

    Fred purchased 03/06/2012

  • yes, I would certainly recommend this company. The prices are the lowest, and I have spend months searching on the web and in my area for tile. Representatives are very cordial and understanding. I loved doing business with them and if I need their products in the future, I will not hesitate to call them again.

    cathy_cr purchased 11/18/2008

  • Oak Ridge Flooring had excellent service. They were very attentive and accommodating, even writing me up 3 different estimates for different tile companies- anticipating my needs. They were super cost effective, and got me my tile within the week I ordered it. Great experience!

    mwgreenwood purchased Tile on 04/29/2009